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  • 5/24/16

    Industry Proven Analogix IP Cores for USB-C Integrate DisplayPort, SuperSpeed USB Data Transfer, and Power Delivery

    Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced that it has signed a technology licensing agreement with LG Electronics for Analogix’s Intellectual Property (IP) for full function USB-C™ technology. The Analogix DisplayPort™ IP cores have shipped into over 1 billion System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions from multiple customers. Analogix has integrated DisplayPort Alt Mode - the industry’s standard way to transfer high-definition audio andmore...
  • 4/4/16

    SlimPort USB-C Transmitters and Controllers Enable DisplayPort over USB-C to Deliver the Next Wave of Consumer-Friendly Mobile VR

    Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced that LG’s innovative flagship smartphone, the LG G5, and its compact LG 360 VR headset, both feature SlimPort® connectivity. The LG 360 VR headset utilizes the phone’s processing power via a USB cable connection to the phone’s USB-C™ port, with SlimPort providing DisplayPort™ over USB-C video out and managing the power scheme through the following ICs: LG G5: SlimPortmore...
  • 3/14/16

    SlimPort USB-C Transmitters and Controllers Connect Acer’s Windows 10-Powered Smartphone to External Displays for a PC-like Experience

    Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced that Liquid Jade Primo, Acer’s Windows 10-powered smartphone, features the SlimPort® ANX7816 and ANX7418 USB-C transmitters and controllers. ANX7402 USB-C controllers are featured in Acer’s Display Dock, alongside SlimPort ANX7737 converters. These chip sets provide DisplayPort™ audio/video out capability over USB-C™, enabling the Windows Continuum feature,more...
  • 2/21/16

    4K 60fps and FHD 120fps Mobile SlimPort Transmitter Makes USB-C Smartphones AR and VR Ready

    Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced the availability of its SlimPort® ANX7688, the first single-chip mobile transmitter to support 4K 60 frames per second (4096x2160p60) or FHD 120 frames per second (1920x1080p120) video resolution from a smartphone or tablet with full function USB-C™, ideal for applications such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) which require superior video processing and performancemore...
  • 1/5/16

    NANO∙CONSOLE USB-C Connects Smartphones and Tablets Supporting DisplayPort over USB-C to Your TV

    Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced the SlimPort® NANO∙CONSOLE™ USB-C, a mobile-enabled dock with remote for both Android and Windows-powered mobile devices supporting DisplayPort™ over USB-C™. A simple, plug-and-play solution for streaming digital media, performing home office computing tasks, and playing mobile games, all from a smartphone or tablet, the SlimPort NANO∙CONSOLE allows users tomore...
  • 12/17/15

    Fully Integrated ANX74XX Family Enables Full-Featured USB Type-C with DisplayPort Video-Out for Smartphones and Tablets, and Support for Multiple USB-C Ports for Notebooks

    Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced that its ANX7428 achieved USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) certification for USB Power Delivery (USB PD), receiving the Product Test ID 10970042. The ANX74XX Mobile HD family supports the DisplayPort™ over USB-C™ protocol (formally known as the DisplayPort™ Alt Mode), USB data, and USB Power Delivery. ANX74XX is a fully integrated, single-chip, low cost solution for mobilemore...
  • 12/14/15
    Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. and Beijing Pinecone Electronics Co. Ltd., today announced their licensing agreement of Analogix’s Intellectual Property (IP) for USB-C™ technology. “Working with Analogix enables us to develop innovative products that meet our high performance targets,” said Yuanbo Ye, Vice President at Beijing Pinecone Electronics. “We are excited to partner with Pinecone, who is the emerging leader inmore...
  • 10/12/15

    NANO∙CONSOLE Connects Android Devices to External Displays, and Turns the Smartphone into a Smart TV, Game Console and PC

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    Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced that the SlimPort® NANO∙CONSOLE has officially launched on Indiegogo. A mobile-enabled dock with remote for Android mobile devices, the NANO∙CONSOLE allows users to: Connect their SlimPort®-enabled mobile device to any HDMI-enabled display. Control their smartphone or tablet remotely from anywhere in the room with the patentedmore...
  • 9/10/15

    Built-in SlimPort Connectivity Allows a New Generation of Gaming and Entertainment Tablets to Display High-Resolution Multimedia and Games on Big Screens

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    Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced that Acer’s new Predator 8 GT-810 tablet and previously released Iconia Tab 10 A3-A30 both feature a built-in SlimPort® interface, which allows consumers to expand their viewing experience by displaying high-resolution digital media from their tablets to external high-definition TVs, monitors and projectors. “SlimPort enables Acer tablet users to display their content onmore...
  • 8/17/15

    Program Grants Adopters a Means to Certify Performance, Compatibility and Interoperability of Video and Audio Between Devices with USB-C Ports

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    Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. and Granite River Labs (GRL) today announced the expansion of the SlimPort® Adopters Program (SAP℠) to include the USB Type-C™ connector. Available to any USB Type-C device manufacturer, the program offers SlimPort® certification including signal quality pre-test for DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA, interoperability testing to confirm the maximum display resolution with devices available in the market, andmore...