Analogix Introduces Display Translators for Ultra-High Resolution Ultrabook® Displays


Friday, May 11, 2012 10:32 am PDT


Santa Clara
"Ivy Bridge represents another step closer towards the adoption of DisplayPort interfaces in systems"

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- May 8, 2012 – CTIA WirelessAnalogix Semiconductor, Inc., the world- leader in DisplayPort™-based interconnect technologies, today expanded its line of power-efficient ANX112x internal translators that support ultra-high display resolutions and enable multi-display capability on Intel Ivy Bridge equipped notebooks and Ultrabooks®.

The Analogix ANX1122 and ANX1123 ICs convert a system platforms’ embedded DisplayPort output to existing 24/30-bit dual LVDS embedded screens. This enables OEMs to choose from a wide variety of high-resolution display panels, similar to those in popular tablets today.

“Ivy Bridge represents another step closer towards the adoption of DisplayPort interfaces in systems” said Andre Bouwer, Vice President of Marketing for Analogix.  “But while the shift continues to evolve, today’s manufacturers want the flexibility to choose from the complete breadth of existing panels to meet specific design goals.”

Designed for Ultrabooks®, netbooks, notebooks and All-in-One PCs, the Analogix ANX1122 and ANX1123 feature an embedded DisplayPort (eDPv1.3) input with link rates up to 5.4Gbps and dual-channel LVDS output supporting ultra-high resolutions to 2560x1600 at 60 Hz.  The ANX1122 supports 24 bpp color, while the ANX1123 supports 30 bpp color and digital audio outputs.

Analogix’s family of display translators can be found today in a variety of All-in-One PCs and notebooks.  The new Analogix ANX1122/1123 products are sampling now and will be in volume production in July. For more information, contact or visit

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