What is SlimPort?

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Friday, November 2, 2012 5:00 am PDT

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Clove UK

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The specifications of the recently announced Google Nexus 4 have an interesting feature in the form of SlimPort HDMI.  This is a technology which so far hasn’t received widespread attention, but this may change with its inclusion in the Google Nexus 4.  It has been developed by Analogix to provide easy and convenient connection of devices equipped with micoUSB sockets to large displays

SlimPort HDMI AdapterThe technology is based on the VESA DisplayPort standard. However Analogix has cleverly combined functionality which would have traditionally used several cables into one which they call C-Wire.  This enables manufacturers to incorporate SlimPort into existing microUSB connectors.  With the result that display output, data and charging can be dealt with by one single connector.

SlimPort has been designed to use virtually zero power, meaning that it won’t drain any power from your portable device.  So you can view content on a large screen with the reassurance that you are not using any additional battery power, compared to normal viewing.

Being based on DisplayPort technology Analogix are able to convert the display signal to a variety of standards.  This means that they are able to produce SlimPort variations of DVI, VGA and DisplayPort in addition to HDMI adapters

What does this mean for the future of portable devices?

  • As a consumer you will be able to connect your portable device to large screens and enjoy high definition full 1080p video with 3D graphics and audio.
  • Connecting your portable device to a large screen can be done without having to worry about unnecessary battery power drain.
  • There is the possibility of connecting to a variety of display standards.  Making it easy to connect to a TV, monitor or projector bring more opportunities for viewing media content or providing presentations. 

The SlimPort HDMI adapter is already stated as being available by Analogix and the unit features a convenient charging port.  This makes for easy charging of your portable device while you have it connected to a large display.

If you want to find out more about SlimPort take a look at the Analogix website here