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  • 6/16/14


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    I have been excited about LG's G3 smartphone since the first rumors surfaced, but here I am, writing a review of LG's latest flagship, which has some serious specs behind it. The G3 smartphone is LG's biggest launch yet, with the South Korean company putting some serious weight behind it.

    At the time of writing, it was only available in select parts of Asia, but the global launch happens next week (now as of publishing time), which is when consumers can get their hands-

  • 6/13/14

    With the amount of multimedia, especially video, photos and video games, passing through our smartphones, it is natural to want to enjoy it a little bit on our connected HDTVs too. One possibility that has been sold for years, but never clarified. Wired or in the air, here is how to display your phone content on a TV.

    Convergence, convergence, convergence ... Often, manufacturers sell us interoperability-that-you-swear-it-is-all-simple-and now mostly a simplified connectivity between machines

    Les Numériques
  • 6/11/14

    SlimPort and mobile high-definition link (MHL) camp will plan to support the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type-C connector. USB Type-C connector standard will be finalized soon. SlimPort and MHL interface camps are expected to support USB Type-C connector in the new generation of specifications to leverage the USB interface PC standard and the high penetration of mobile devices market, to accelerate the expansion of their market power in the territory.

    Microelectronics Taiwan Magazine
  • 6/11/14

    BOCA RATON FL, June 11, 2014-- 21st Century Television and their guest, Analogix, have sat down to discuss the common problem facing many mobile phone users: small screens. Smartphone users consist of an ever increasing portion of the population, and the apps available on these devices continue to multiply as well. Analogix segment will air on June 14, 2014 on the Fox Business Network (as pd. prog.) at 4:30pm EST.

    Digital Journal
  • 6/10/14

    According to a recent IDC research note, the transition toward mobile and cloud-based computing is unstoppable, with tablet volumes expected to pass total PC volume in the fourth quarter of 2014 and on an annual basis in 2016. Even smaller tablets are facing stiff market competition from large-size smartphones (phablets).

  • 5/30/14

    Month after month of speculation and rumors have finally led us here, and uBreakiFix has the sincere pleasure to provide you with the first LG G3 Teardown! Take a look inside LG’s new flagship powerhouse, the G3.

    For this teardown, we will be using the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) for comparison.

    First, let’s review the specs: 

  • 5/13/14

    The tech company behind SlimPort unveiled a new version of the USB-enhancement called SlimPort Pro. The new standard can simultaneously transmit high-definition video (up to UHD / 2160p), 8-channel audio, USB 2.0 data (480Mbps) and power over a standard-looking 5-pin USB port.

    The press release talks up docks – with smartphones becoming more powerful, a dock could connect them to both displays and peripheral devices and SlimPort Pro can do it with a single connector.

    GSM Arena
  • 5/2/14

    I tried outputting the screen of a smartphone to a larger screen display without any troubles by using the SlimPort to HDMI adapter.

    When I want to watch pictures and movies from a smartphone to a large-screen TV, the SlimPort conversion adapter comes in handy. SlimPort is shaped the same as Micro-USB pin terminal for externally outputting the mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablet terminals .

  • 4/11/14

    8K resolution (7,680 × 4,320) monitor developments are already being developed. Qualcomm, Intel, Analogix, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Philips and other semiconductor, panel and television brands , are in full swing to expand product support for 8K resolution screen layout. Expected in 2016, it will be the fastest 8K resolution screen to create a complete application ecosystem .

  • 4/9/14

    SlimPort-4K products have been officially unveiled, carving MHL’s market share

    Analogix officially announced at Mobile World Congress its highly integrated SlimPort-4K product line, including a transmitter and a receiver, with samples in mass production stage. In the future consumers will be able to take advantage of SlimPort-4K interface link mobile devices with ultra-high -definition display, share 4K × 2K and three-dimensional (3D) video content.