About Us

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. is a global leader in the design of high-performance mixed-signal semiconductors that enable HD Everywhere, the go-anywhere "any mobile to any screen" high-definition experience. Analogix makes it practical for mobile devices to optimize battery life while presenting applications, movies and images on most/virtually any HD display including internal system screens, computer monitors, and TVs.

Analogix IP cores, full custom ASICs and off-the-shelf digital media ICs provide end-to-end connectivity through industry-standard interfaces like DisplayPort™ and HDMI™, and can be found in millions of today's most popular consumer electronics devices from some of the world's leading brands. 

Analogix design innovations have created new capabilities in three principal areas: 

Mobile HD

Analogix SlimPort technology extends the display power of handsets, tablets, notebooks and cameras. Just as an iPod™ can drive a concert hall speaker system, with Analogix a mobile phone or tablet can present on virtually any high-definition display-even 3D.


Create stunning HD PCs with Analogix internal DisplayPort controllers and monitor components like TCONS (timing controllers). Analogix allows device manufacturers to build thinner, lower power, higher resolution displays that provide more immersive entertainment and richer media presentation.


With Analogix technology, create a variety of innovative cables, docks and other accessories that do more than connect devices to HD displays.  Now the latest mobile devices can deliver content to HD or legacy displays, while drawing power from the transmitter. For example, a smart phone can present video on a 3D monitor, while charging its battery from the connection instead of running it down.

Key Technologies

The Analogix family of breakthrough technologies includes SlimPort™ and CoolHD™.


SlimPort™ delivers uncompressed HD audio-video over the existing mobile USB connector. Using only 3 signal pins, a simple ultra-thin SlimPort cable up to five meters in length directly connects a mobile device via USB to legacy displays such as HDMI, VGA and DVI, and to newer display standards including DisplayPort. With simple mobile USB cables, SlimPort supports display resolutions starting from VGA up to full-HD (1080p) and 3-D display with 7.1 channel audio capabilities.


Analogix is the supplier of CoolHD™, a revolutionary technology that makes the zero-power HDMI transmitter a reality and is already transforming the mobile and handheld markets. Without CoolHD, HDMI transmitters consume significant power to transmit digital HD content between devices. This burdens batteries and significantly reduces available playback time. To solve this problem, CoolHD recovers energy from the HDMI link that is normally wasted as heat and uses it to power the HDMI transmitter.

CoolHD enables a mobile device to play more movies, videos and multi-media content—with a smaller battery. Leading manufacturers are using CoolHD to create new portable media players, mobile phones, digital cameras, mobile and tablet PCs and portable DVD / Blu-ray players.

Analogix Semiconductor is privately held and is based in Santa Clara, California with offices in Beijing and Shenzen, China, as well as in Taipei, Taiwan and Tokyo, Japan.